KTU APINI presents ENERCOM results for authorities of Palanga town municipality

The results from research for generation of fuel within ENERCOM were presented and used, preparing the feasibility study “Development of Biodegradable waste management system in Palanga town Municipality” (I. Kliopova, KTU APINI, 2012).

Pellets produced at ENERCOM trial

The study is carried out with the objective to find suitable solutions for the treatment of biodegradable waste and sewage sludge in Palanga, Lithuania. The feasibility study analyses alternatives for mechanical biological treatment and sewage sludge aerobic treatment. According to the recommendations of the study 90% of the biodegradable waste including greenery waste and sewage sludge of Palanga town shall be used for compost production and fertilization of green territories as well as for energy production. In that context the generation of solid recovered substitute fuel as evaluated for the ENERCOM project was also considered to be part of an integrated waste management model for Palanga.

ENERCOM Project is supported by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr. TREN/FP7/EN/218916 "ENERCOM"