ENERCOM partner KTU APINI elaborated modules for international master course

The Study module program (SPM) “Renewable energy resources and their usage possibilities” was prepared for MSc students in the international MSc programme in Environmental Management and Clear Production at KTU Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI)

The main aim of the module “Renewable energy resources and their usage possibilities” is to provide a knowledge which allows evaluating objectively the potential of renewable energy resources (RER), applying RER conversion technologies, their efficiency increasing methods.

The students are thought to identify the potential of renewable energy resources in Lithuanian energy balance, to understand the conversion process of recovered energy and its usage technologies, to apply industrial Sustainable Development methods (for example, material - energy balance, fuel - energy balance, material flow analysis, Cleaner Production feasibility analysis, etc.) for the feasibility analysis of the implementation of recovered energy production innovations;and to have an understanding of new RER usage techniques in the world and their development perspectives in Lithuania.

Three chapters have direct relationships with the results of ENERCOM project:

  • Biodegradable waste (BW) and their using possibilities for energy production;
  • Solid recovered fuel (SRF) production and usage possibilities;
  • Effective usage of recovered energy recourses (RER); examples of implemented innovations.

On completion of the course the students should be able understand and know

  • from the chapter (9) BW usage for energy production:
  • to know BW processing technologies (anaerobic, pyrolisis, gasification, combustion),
  • to evaluate power potential of BW, property select equipments for BW processing, Biogas storage and usage for energy production;

from the chapter (10) SRF production and usage possibilities:

  • to understand SRF classification system;
  • using physical and chemical characteristics of various biomaterials (results of ENERCOM project), to carry out their comparison with SRF classification system and feasible analysis of SRF production, applying material flow analysis method.

from the chapter (13): Effective usage of RER:

  • to know examples of implemented innovations in EU countries and Lithuania;
  • to fulfill technical, environmental and economical evaluation of RER.

Furthermore 3 practical sectional works from this area are scheduled:

  • Evaluation of energy potential of BW;
  • Evaluation of  SRF production from various waste, applying material flow analysis method;
  • Feasibility analysis of BW (sewage sludge, green wastes, and other biomass residues) usage for fuel, energy and fertilizers production (results of ENERCOM project).  

The term of individual work: Evaluation of energy potential of RER (according to the task), analysis of conversion process, feasibility analysis of selected RER technology implementation  

The prepared module was approved by KTU APINI director and by committee of study program of Faculty of Chemical technology. The module is accredited for the period: 01-09-2012 / 01-09-2015.

More information: Master study programme “Environmental Management and Cleaner Production”