Core units of ENERCOM pilot plant projected

LEE, Soil-Concept and Bisanz completed the technical design of the gasifier, the gas cleaning unit, the pelletizing unit and the biological drying unit.

Fig. Model of units to be installed in the gasifier hall.

The 4 main plant units are the core of ENERCOM pilot plant for the production of electricity, heat, compost and solid substitute fuel. To improve the separation of particulate from the product gas before its thermal valorization as fuel a second gas cyclone is to be installed ahead of the heat recovery unit. The fluidized bed gasifier as core component serves for volatilization of pre-treated dried mixture of sewage sludge and biomass residues.

The detailed design and specification of the gasifier has been adjusted for increased capacities. Now the thermal use of sewage sludge gives an interesting perspective for cogeneration of heat and power.  On the one hand the process heat provides thermal heat for a neighboring industrial estate and accelerates the drying process of sewage sludge and biomass residues. On the other hand it serves for the generation of electricity.

With the pelletizing unit the plant will be able to produce solid recovered substitute fuel for the internal input of energy as well as for external use. The biological drying unit was redesigned from ventilation to induced draft fan, which now works more efficient.

The technical design of the main plant units included several tasks for instance the scheduling of Mass and Energy Balance, layout of infrastructures, the draft of an installation plan, pipe work and installation layouts as well as tender documents: The main suppliers were selected and the excavation has already started.

With the completion of technical design an important preparatory step was taken and the ENERCOM plant units are now ready for construction. It is planned to start with the construction of the plant in January 2013. The completion of the Polygeneration plant is scheduled for July 2013.