KTU APINI presents ENERCOM at ISWA World Congress 2013 in Vienna

Associate professor of the Institute for Environmental Engineering (APINI) at KTU Irina Kliopova... [more]


ENERCOM partner KTU APINI elaborated modules for international master course

The Study module program (SPM) “Renewable energy resources and their usage possibilities” was... [more]


Gasifier unit brought into position

The fluidized bed gasifier as the third core component of the polygeneration pilot plant within the... [more]

Press review

Online news, articles and broadcasts about the ENERCOM project

Online TV broadcast, RTL Luxembourg, 09/05/2013 (link to the website)
Local Newspaper, Tageblatt, 18/10/2012 (link to the online article)
Online News, brf.be, 11/12/2008 (link to the online article)
Local newspaper, Luxemburger Wort, 10/12/2008 (Download PDF, 560KB, with kind permission of Luxemburger Wort)